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Charles - François Hutin (1715-1776)

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b Paris, 4 July 1715; d Dresden, 29 July 1776). Painter, sculptor, draughtsman and engraver, son of (1) François Hutin. He studied painting with François Lemoyne and in 1735 won the Académie Royale’s second prize with Rebecca Receiving from Eleazar the Presents Sent to her by Abraham (untraced). Two years later he left for Rome with his father. There, on the advice of Jean-François de Troy, the new Director of the Académie de France, he turned in 1739 to sculpture, studying under Sébastien Slodtz. In 1740, a marble head of Enobarbus (untraced) by Charles-François was among a group of sculptures sent to France from the Académie in Rome, and in the same year he modelled a small group in antique style of Faunus and Biblis (untraced). He returned to Paris in 1742 and in 1744 he was approved (agréé) by the Académie Royale as a sculptor. He was received (reçu) as a full member in 1747 on presentation of the marble statue Charon the Ferryman (Paris, Louvre), a Rococo work whose pathos of expression and whose contorted pose suggest the influence of the work of Gianlorenzo Bernini.

French family of artists. (1) François Hutin was a painter, engraver and sculptor whose marriage to one of the daughters of the painter Charles-Antoine Hérault (1644–1718) made him part of an artistic clan, typical of ancien régime France, that included the Coypel and Roëttiers families as well as Louis Silvestre. Three of François’s sons became artists—(2) Charles-François Hutin, who spent much of his career at the Saxon court in Dresden, (3) Pierre-Jules Hutin, who was also active in Dresden, and Jean-Baptiste Hutin (c. 1726–after 1786), a painter of mediocre talent, according to his contemporaries.


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